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Angel is one of the protagonists in Rock and Rule.

She is voiced by Susan Roman (speaking) and Debbie Harry (singing).

Physical appearance[]

She is a cat hybrid with long blonde hair that is short in the back with bangs, dark eyebrows, and blue eyes. For most of the film, Angel wears a red leather jacket over a black top with matching black pants, boots, and a gold belt. At Mok's comeback concert, she is forced to wear a revealing outfit consisting of a backless white dress with two slits up the side, a belt, a headband that wraps around the back of her head, and a harness that goes over her shoulders, neck, and throat, which has a small computer inside it that forces her to sing in order to raise Armageddon from his imprisonment in another dimension.


Angel is a member of the Drats, playing the electric keyboard, writing songs, and occasionally singing. Her love interest in the film is Omar; while their relationship is not actually specified in the film, they are romantically involved and are seen together in a car on Thunder Row, a makeout spot overlooking Ohmtown, by Sleazy. The relationship between Omar and Angel appears contemptuous at times, such as when he walks off the stage as Angel performs her song at Mylar's Talent Night, but is also mended easily by Omar's explanation. She appears to have a good relationship with both Dizzy and Stretch, although this is not heavily expanded upon in the movie. Angel is captured by Mok Swagger because her voice contains the exact vibrations needed to sing the notes of the Armageddon Key and summon Armageddon from another dimension.


Angel is brave, loyal, and clever. She insists on meeting and speaking with Mok despite Omar's protests and impatience, but refuses Mok's initial attempts to recruit her, saying that she couldn't leave her band for anything. After being forcibly captured and taken to Nuke York, Angel throws a cup bearing Mok's resemblance through the tower window where she is kept prisoner and tells the Schlepper Brothers to, "Stuff it, pinheads!" She then sneaks out with the unknowing help of Cinderella "Cindy" Schlepper, younger sister to Toad, Sleazy, and Zip, who takes her to Club 666 before being caught by the brothers, tipped off by a disgraced henchman. She initially tries to stall the concert by refusing to sing but relents after seeing her band mates trapped in the giant Edison ball by Mok. After seeing her friends, who are heavily under the influence of the effects of the Edison Ball, leave Nuke York, Angel unsuccessfully attempts to seduce Mok into forgetting about the concert and being with her instead, to save the world from Armageddon. Both at the concert, Angel states, "If I can sing it up, I can sing it back" in regard to Armageddon and faces it head on to save the crowd and ultimately the world.