Dizzy (true name: Alphonse) is the drummer for the Drats. He is in all the sense of the word, the brains of the group; he is the first to suspect something hinky when the band is invited up to Mok's place for the contract and acts as the voice of reason when everything goes south. He is intelligent, brave, level-headed, mature, and kind-hearted.

Dizzy's design hints that he is a mouse or even a mole, as it is shown that other races besides dogs, cats, and rats are in this futuristic world.

Relationships Edit

  • Stretch - Dizzy shows a best friend closeness towards the band's second guitarist. He balances out Stretch's wild antics with his calm, rational personality and advice. Before their performance, Dizzy offers words of advice and comfort towards his friend when Stretch confesses that he's not relaxed.
  • Omar - Dizzy is Omar's self-proclaimed voice of reason and conscience, though he respects Omar as a leader, he is not afraid to chastise and rebuke Omar when the lead singer voices that he's giving up on Angel.
  • Angel - Dizzy shows a lot of care towards Angel, displaying a lot of concern for her and refusing to believe she would abandon the team even when Omar says otherwise.
  • Edith - Dizzy's aunt that lives in Nuke York. While not much is known about their relationship, there clearly a good bond between them as Edith is willing to close her shop for half a day to bail her nephew and his friends out of jail.