It has long been speculated what "race" Omar is, People say he could either be a rat or a dog.


Personally, I believe he is a dog. Alot of my friends also agree, and here is why;

  • It appears that the rats has much longer snouts then Omar .
  • Dogs have small ears which are sometimes pointed.
  • Rat's ears are usually large in size.
  • Rats seem to like showing their teeth, usually doing it alot of their teeth just always show.
  • Rat's noses are usually covering the whole tip of their snouts, unlike Omar .
  • Like Dizzy , he has a short snout, small ears ( Even if they aren't exactly the same, its just being used as an example! ) and their teeth don't always show.


  • Omar's snout isin't as short as a dog's or a cat's snout.
  • Omar's nose is diffrent from the other dogs and cats.
  • His ears are also diffrent from others.
  • If he is thinking or staring off into space, he usually shows his teeth.
  • There is a reference on a site called deviantART which shows that Omar is a rat, and also makes a fairly good point he could possibly be a rat.
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