Zip is one of the Schlepper Brothers and one of the minor antagonists of the animated movie Rock & Rule. He along with his brothers work for Mok Swagger. He was voiced by Greg Duffell.


Zip is the youngest brother. Zip has the personality of a child and mostly spends his time watching cartoon shows. He actually isn't evil at all, but when he watched another Uncle Mikey show he asked Mok if he can tell the difference between good and evil. Mok actually broke his heart when he threw his Uncle Mikey doll into the abyss, making him cry. When the demon shoots a deadly skull ball at Omar, Zip covers him for his life. Sending Zip right into the wall, Toad comes to his side worried and tearful. In the American version he dies in his brother's arms after telling him they are not evil. The same scene plays out in the Canadian version, but Zip only appears to die. The final scene before the credits shows him getting up and recovering from his injury. This scene was cut from the American version, so presumably he was meant to die from the attack in this version.